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Strategic Priorities

Belsay School Commitment Plan (2023-24)


At Belsay Primary School we are committed to continual improvement. 

Following frank and honest self-evaluation we have identified four aspects that we feel are essential to our future growth as a school.


Strategic priority 1

(Pele Trust led)

To introduce a culture of individual action research within each school - the purpose is to design a project to improve teaching & learning and/or improve academic outcomes.

Strategic priority 2

(school led)

To ensure reading has maximum impact for all learners allowing a seamless transition from a systematic approach to phonics to our most fluent readers. 

Strategic priority 3

(school led)

To ensure there is a broad and balanced curriculum that is contextualised for the school. 

Strategic priority 4

(school led)

To ensure there is a rigorous Quality Assurance Schedule  in place to allow the pupils to make maximum progress.


A more detailed action plan with key actions and milestones is in place for each key area however below is a brief summary of aspects included.


Strategic Priority 1

To develop the professional learning of staff through a teacher enquiry model using action research methodology. This will form the whole school appraisal target for all teachers.

Develop a coherent CPD offer to develop action research skills and provide support to staff

Design a process to disseminate action research findings within school and across the Trust


Strategic Priority 2

To complete a full audit into reading within school with a primary focus on the quality of RWI and then where readers progress to after they have completed the phonics scheme to identify the impact

Introduce Reading Plus into the school for all pupils in Year 3 upwards as a minimum

Increase the focus of reading across school linked to celebration and reward


Strategic Priority 3

Evaluate the current curriculum focusing on the intent, implementation and impact statements to ensure it is suited for our school and all subjects cover the National Curriculum objectives for each year group

Ensure subject leaders take ownership of their subjects and know the end points, to allow for them to be progressive from Early Years to Year 6 with a key focus on retrieval and how our pupils build on their knowledge year on year

Ensure all curriculum areas are scaffolded to allow for support and challenge of all pupils, taking into consideration the split year group classes, allowing maximum progress is secured by all


Strategic Priority 4

Establish a QA schedule that will allow for clear monitoring of the books to ensure high expectations of all classes and all subject areas

Monitor the teaching and learning of all staff through learning walks and formal observations to ensure Quality First Teaching in all learning areas

Track pupil progress through data captures and reporting systems to allow for more accurate understanding of pupils progress and attainment, allowing for timely and suitable interventions ensuring maximum impact